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Iontophoresis Units and Supplies.
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Dynatron ibox 2 Dynatron Iontophoresis Electrodes, Small. Dynatron Iontophoresis Electrodes, Medium.
Dynatron ibox 2 is a 2-channel Iontophoresis Delivery Unit that delivers both single and dual phase (polarity) treatments. Powered by 2-AA batteries (included). Two year manufacturer's warranty. Ships from manufacturer. Note: Federal law restricts the sale of this item to licensed clinical professionals. On your company letterhead, please state your professional title and that you are an "authorized purchaser" for this equipment and fax to 856-795-6922 prior to processing order. Dynatron Buffered Iontophoresis Electrodes, 1.5CC Small, 2.75" x 2.75", 12 per box. Shipped from manufacturer. Dynatron Buffered Iontophoresis Electrodes, 2.5CC Medium, 3.25" x 3.25", 12 per box.  Shipped from manufacturer.
Dynatron Iontophoresis Electrodes, Large.
Dynatron Buffered Iontophoresis Electrodes, 4.0CC Large, 3.50" x 3.50", 12 per box. Shipped from manufacturer.