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Hydromassage Tables

Sidmar Hydromassage Tables for Professional Use

The Sidmar Massage Time Pro hydro therapy massage table is used to treat soft tissue, muscle, joint, and bone injuries. It helps to reduce aches and pains by increasing blood circulation. The Massage Time Pro table can be used in multiple healthcare settings, such as in hospitals, physical therapy, chiropractic, and medical clinics. Used by more than 6,000 clinicians every day, the Massage Time Pro table specifically massages the neck, back and shoulders and can massage the legs when the patient turns the opposite way on the table.

Need Service? If you're located within 30 miles of Philadelphia, PA we're happy to service your Sidmar unit at your office. We bill hourly for labor ($125/hr). Call us if you need,
  • New system installation.
  • Jet system replacement.
  • Pump replacement.
  • PVC pipe repairs.
  • Installation of other parts such as relays, timers, flow controls, and heaters.
  • General maintenance.

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Sidmar Massage Time Pro Hydromassage Table.
Sidmar Massage Time Pro Hydromassage Table.


  • Feels like a Jacuzzi, without undressing or getting wet.
  • Very quiet and is soothing for patients.
  • Requires minimal maintenance except to add distilled water and Clar-Lub conditioner every three months to top off the water level.
  • Individual adjustments to control heat and water pressure, so it is easier to accommodate all patients.
  • Use pre- or post-adjustment to relax muscles.
  • Use before or after decompression therapy to help relax the muscles and to reduce pain.
  • Enhances exercise and strength building programs.
  • Available in multiple colors such as Black, Blue Ridge, Teal, Forest Green, Tan, Burgundy, Greystone, and Navy Blue.
  • Easily cleaned with mild soap on a damp cloth.

Best Practices:

To ensure smooth and long-term operation of the Massage Time Pro hydromassage bed.

  • Upon installation, set the table edge at least 6 to 8 inches away from any wall.
  • Please alert patients to remove any sharp objects from their pockets. Including pens, keys, and cell phones.
  • Avoid moving or lifting the hydromassage table when it is full of water because this can stress the frame and pipe joints. We suggest that the water be drained and stored prior to moving the unit significant distances.
  • Check the PVC fittings at least once per month to ensure that they are hand-tight. Do not use a wrench or other device to tighten these fittings as it may stress or crack the joint and cause a leak.
  • Check the water level and add distilled water with a bottle of Clar-Lub conditioner at least once every three months.