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Applying Kinesio Tape: How much stretch is too much stretch?
Kinesio Tape is a very resilient tape however it does not have to be stretched to the max in order to be effective. In fact, over-stretching the tape can lead to other problems that you may not expect
Body Ice Cold Packs may resist a 3.6 ton Hummer but not a teething puppy.
Renee, a Kinesio Tape user and Orthoco customer, sent us an email warning us that the Body Ice Cold Packs are not puppy-proof. Yes, you are reading this correctly, "puppy-proof." She was icing her kne
Drying Kinesio Tape with a hair dryer is a bad idea...
Heating Kinesio Tape by rubbing it, once applied, is a good way to activate the adhesive but using a hair dryer could end up causing problems. Excessive heat from a hair dryer (blow dryer) can actuall
Important Notice from Orthoco Regarding Kinesio Tape Platinum and Diamond-Patterned NKT Tape.
Important Notice To Orthoco customers that have purchased "new" Kinesio Tape beginning in August of 2007. Also known as "NKT," "Platinum," or "diamond pattern." Please be advised that we have rece